Go-karts Flooring - Big Comb Shape JW242
Go-karts Flooring - Big Comb Shape JW242
Big comb shape tile is a material developed combining the ski slopes for karts. The big comb track is available at all locations whether indoor or outdoor all year round. Go-karts reach new levels on the comb track, drivers can bump, drift, swing the wheel back and forth perfectly on the mats. It provides quite a lot of fun for the kids and adults, a great choice to enjoy a different thrill experience.



Whether rain or shine, it’s always drive time with our all-seasons karting floor. It’s the ultimate surface for cruising, speeding, and drifting – and it’s immense fun for the whole family. It offers realism and revved-up thrills when the lateral forces come into play. Create a pro driving experience, indoors or outdoors. 


Love the fun of winter sports? The Comb Slope lets you enjoy them all year long, not just during cold weather! Our dry ski slope is the perfect solution to create a snow-free slope for skiing and tubing. The Comb Slope comes in a variety of colors and looks as cool as the dry skiing experience feels!


The criss-cross pattern of needles made of different heights reduces direct friction and increases the maximum speed users can attain. Pair the Comb Slope with a spray system or another slide lubricant to further reduce friction and achieve the optimal slope.


The density and thickness of the Comb Slope’s needles offer the greatest resilience possible and protect users from sustaining an injury while using the slope. The tiles interlock quickly and easily with built-in prongs and sockets, and screws fit through the top of the tiles to fasten the slope either to the ground directly or to a wooden or steel frame.


Check out our comb slope images and contact us for suggestions on how to make the perfect dry slope for your location!

Advantages of the Comb Shape Slope

  • Comb-shaped dry ski slope successfully brought winter sports into the summer, ski, snowboard, snow tube, karting can be played.

  • Small friction, gliding as fast as on snow.

  • Easy to install, immediately after installation can be used.

  • Environmentally friendly installation and safety-oriented construction with curves, straights, start gate, and kicker for jumping into an airbag.

  • High safety standards.

  • Different colors and sizes are available according to the needs of the site.

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