Dry Ski Slope - Snow Grain JW2002
Dry Ski Slope - Snow Grain JW2002
Freestyle skiing, skiing, or snowboarding is available on snow grain artificial ski slopes. The white snow grains on top make the ski mat softer to fall on than hard pack snow and therefore safer. Also, it’s fast gliding, stopping, and good carving. It is consistent, never needs grooming, and requires very little maintenance compared with snow. The artificial ski slope is made from special engineering plastic, it can be used 365 days a year, and not harm the environment. It can be installed on the natural ground structure. Works both with and without a misting system.



Ski 365 – anytime, anywhere, no matter the weather, and using regular equipment. Junway creates durable, eco-friendly dry ski slope material that elevates the authentic skiing experience. We give skiers the thrills they crave with no limits, because skiing should be about freedom, not waiting for the snow to fall.  


Location and time of year no longer have to prevent you from enjoying winter sports! Our attractive Snow Grain Slope is an upgrade from ski grass, designed to reduce friction and noise as skiers and snowboarders glide over the dry slope. The smooth, round pearls rise above the flexible ski grass, reducing the point of contact for even greater speed.



Produced in a multi-stage process using virgin polyethylene, engineering plastic, and a UV stabilizer, the Snow Grain has a high-density surface that provides excellent grip and prevents users from falling. Just like real snow, the surface rebounds against pressure from skis and snowboards, allowing the user to develop muscle memory that can be carried over to snow slopes.


The Snow Grain is perfect for ski resorts, clubs, theme parks, and competition venues—you can bring the fun of skiing and snowboarding anywhere at any time of year!

Advantages of the Snow Grain Slope

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                 Braking Design, Fast Stop                                                               Y-type Structure, Better Support 

  • Low friction, like gliding on snow

  • Professional ski and snowboard action can be completed

  • Easy to install, all kinds of terrain can be installed, such as grass, concrete and wood

  • High safety

  • Low operating cost

  • Environmental protection

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