Needle Slope - Tubing & Skiing JW4040
Needle Slope - Tubing & Skiing JW4040
Needle slope is created not to replace natural snow, but it can protect natural snow that prevents it from melting too fast. In Summer, skiing and tubing are both available on the needle dry slopes. So it can be used all year round. The playing skills and equipment are almost the same as skiing. This is a breakthrough in skiing and brings a lot of fun to ski fans.


outdoor dry ski tile prevent nature snow melting


In real snow or artificial snow resort, do you have headaches because the snow is melted quickly and the snow is consumed quickly by too much crowd? Our needle dry snow slope can solve these problems perfectly. As long as the needle dry snow slope is laid, even in the case of absolute lack of snow, it can ensure the smooth passage of any area, thus saving operating costs and increasing revenue. The skiing effect is similar to real snow without needing the slope to be wet.

Needle artificial ski slope is in the shape of a large square with high flexibility, which can be laid on any surface quickly and easily, such as grass, cement, or wood. The reasonable appearance design of the dry ski slope not only gives it a fast gliding speed but also ensures that any debris on its surface can be easily removed. The artificial ski slope can be used all year round, no matter where it is, just use your normal sports equipment.

Advantages of the Ski Grass

  • Protect snow, stop melting fast.

  • Slipperiness similar to real snow, no need to use spray or lubricant.

  • Quite flexible, available to install on any surface.

  • Eco-friendly, no harm for health.

  • Easy to install and removable.

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outdoor indoor synthetic tile slow down nature snow melting speed



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