Dry Snow Tubing Slope - Dot Slope JW400
Dry Snow Tubing Slope - Dot Slope JW400
Tubing is the perfect activity for those who can't ski or board YET. Higher speeds and longer slide times are exactly what gives dot tubing slope its name. Don’t need any lubricate or misting system, the dot dry tubing mat can provide a fast sliding speed. Thanks to its hard nature and the hard bottom of the snow tube, it can be sliding very smoothly. Dry Tubing is great for individuals and groups.


night tubing dry tubing slope in Belgium hotel


Previously, snowtubing can only be played in the wintertime. Now with the dry snow tubing slope,  you can enjoy the fun of snowtubing anytime and anywhere.


Dot slope is a new type of tubing slope, it’s designed with snap fasteners that allow two pieces of the floor to be perfectly joined together and securely locked in place with a single tap, making it very easy to install. Each side has 3 snaps to make the connection between each piece of tubing slope tighter. Dot slope comes in a big size, which is 400mm x 400mm, so makes it install faster, more economical labor costs. The bottom is the triangle designed, to provide better support for the tubing players, thus extending the life of the tubing slope. The height of the surface dot has been increased, thus improving wear resistance, which is ideal for use in areas with high traffic. The surface is snowflake-like design, which looks like real snow from a distance, allowing the players to feel like the fun of real snow.


Thanks to the hard slope surface and the hard snow tube bottom, it can be sliding very smoothly without any lubricant. Also ideal for indoor use where there is no spray system. 

Advantages of the Dot Slope

  • Various colors to choose from also can be customized.

  • Large tile sizes can be quickly installed to save labor costs.

  • Pat button design, easy to install and remove the replacement.

  • Can do straight slide.

  • Indoor and outdoor can be used, and also be used all year round.

  • No need for a spraying system or lubricant, saving a lot of maintenance costs.

  • Affordable price, high return.

  • Environmentally friendly materials, no harm for health.

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400x400 outdoor blue dry tubing slide tile for snowtubes

green dry tubing slope floor tile for artificial snow resorts


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