Snow Tubing Slope - Rainbow JW601
Snow Tubing Slope - Rainbow JW601
Rainbow dry slope is the newest tubing track. Since it's made of many colors like a rainbow, so we named it Rainbow Slope. It’s most commonly used in China theme parks. In the beginning tubing slope area, the roller tile provides a fast sliding speed to start, and in the middle tubing slope area is regular tile, the rainbow tubing slope provides a ride that is closer to the feel of real snow. Tubing brings together generations to enjoy the simple pleasure of sliding down a slope.


most sliding rainbow dry tubing slope in China


You’ll never have to wait for snow again to enjoy the fun of snow tubing! Rainbow Slope is a new product designed to provide a realistic snow-tubing experience without the restriction of season, temperature, or geographical location. Our dry slope can be built in parks, playgrounds, ski resorts, amusement parks, shopping malls, and any place with a hill! The slope’s color, length, and shape are entirely customizable, so you can create a hillside rainbow or display the colors of your brand anywhere there is an incline.


Popular with children and adults and perfect for parties or family fun, Rainbow Slope not only provides an easily recognizable, eye-catching slide but gives a smooth and exhilarating dry-tubing experience thanks to its beaded surface and friction-resistant design. Powered by gravity and not requiring water for lubrication, it is a budget-friendly investment with a huge payoff. It’s easy to install and to disassemble, thanks to the interlocking hexagonal tiles that snap into place to form the slope, making it convenient to put up and take down or to replace any portion over time. With Rainbow Slope, you can tap into the fun of snow tubing all year round!

Advantages of the Mushroom Slope

  • A lot of colors to choose from, the conventional colors are red, yellow, green, orange, green, blue, purple. Can also be customized according to customer requirements color.

  • Can be made straight and wave tunnel, so that visitors experience the fun of different slopes.

  • Spherical design and hard material on the surface of the slope, so that the snow tube can slide quickly on it.

  • High safety. The slope is firmly fixed to the base frame by screws, and the tile is fastened to each other edge to edge.

  • Easy and quick installation, straight down snap design, directly docking the male and female buckle is installed, the middle is fixed with screws, very easy to operate.

  • No need for a spraying system or lubricant, which greatly saves investment and maintenance costs.

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