Snow Tubing Slope - Mushroom JW200
Snow Tubing Slope - Mushroom JW200
Enjoy winter snow tubing fun is not a dream at all! A dry ski slope, an artificial ski slope made of a needle mushroom by round heads designed to provide the best support and glide for snow tubes. Dry slopes make people tube with performance similar to winter conditions under fluctuating temperatures via artificial materials. Whether indoor or outdoor snow tubing is available for everyone from ages 2+. Build dry slopes to enable your ski resorts or theme park to open all year round.


blue dry tubing slope in South Africa

365 days of tubing tracks - everything is possible.

A product line to have fun sliding around in the most varied ways. Ecological and with a strong emotional impact, suited to adults and youngsters.

Suitable for straight and curvy stretches Start gate, tunnel and big air jumps.


The Mushroom Slope is a dry tubing slope that makes a unique attraction for the whole family to enjoy all year round! Addictively fun, completely customizable, and with low operating costs, our Mushroom Slope is the perfect entertainment for any location with a hill.


Named for the golden needle mushroom, or enoki, that the plastic needles resemble, the Mushroom Slope has a soft, flexible surface formed by clusters of bendable needles with round heads designed to provide the best support and glide for snow tubes. Its flexibility makes it possible to create many different slope shapes (such as straight, curved, and wavy tunnels), and its soft surface reduces the risk of injury by cushioning anyone who might slip and fall.


Each tile of the Mushroom Slope is 200 mm x 400 mm, and you can interlock the long and short sides as desired to create curves or different shapes for your dry ski slope. Since each tile latches into the others with built-in prongs and sockets, no tools are required for assembly. More importantly, the center of each cluster of needles is hollow to promote fast drainage and to allow any vegetation under the slope to still get some sunlight—because the Mushroom Slope can be laid directly on the ground, without requiring a concrete base or other constructed frame. This saves on construction costs, makes moving the Mushroom Slope between locations that much easier, and enables the Mushroom Slope to be used in locations that do not permit the ground to be altered. However, using the Mushroom Slope on a base can enhance the speed and smoothness of the skating effect.

Advantages of the Mushroom Slope

  • Made of HDPE for great flexibility

  • Comes in a wide variety of colors for ultimate customization

  • Weather - and temperature - resistant for year-round use

  • Prong and socket design; no tools required for assembly

  • Quick and easy to install and disassemble; great for both short-term and long-term use

  • Low operating costs; no spray system needed

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Available in indoor and outdoor options

  • Provides a fast glide like real snow

  • Can be used for snow tubing and beginner skiers

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needle mushroom for dry snow tubing slope


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