A Jumping Tubing Slope in Mexico

2024-02-28 Share

jumping slope in Mexico.png

In February 2024, a jumping slope appeared on a hill in Mexico. We are very happy that after months of discussions with our client, the slide was finally built and a successful test run was completed. We are sure it will be open to visitors soon. In this region without snow, people usually need to take several hours of flights to enjoy snow fun elsewhere. Now, they can save the high cost of traveling and experience the joy of jumping airbag slopes right at their doorstep.

 dry tubing slope.png

Because of the limitations of the client's site, no trees are allowed to be cut down, no cement is allowed to be hardened, and the slope is quite steep, so we suggested that the client build a jumping slope. Although the area is not big, visitors can also feel the speed and passion of the wind. The slope is only 1.5 meters wide, 30 meters long, and 10m/s speed, using our mushroom tile JW300, one of the most suitable materials for tubing slopes. The owner was delighted with this and even hoped that we could open our factory in Mexico so that we could better serve the local market.

 tubing slide.png

This kind of small slide is also very suitable for families to build in their own yard, the children or friends will love it very much, and it can be played all year round without any limitation of the site. The tubing slide is an amusement ride for visitors of all ages, not only for children to feel the fun and excitement but also for adults to reminisce about the happy times of their childhood! We will make a suitable slide program according to the size and angle of the customer's site. If you are interested in building a slope like this, please contact us at [email protected].

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