A Rainbow Tubing Slope Slide as Fast as Lightning in Honduras

2024-03-30 Share

summer tubing slope.png

We are very excited that the people of Honduras will soon have their first rainbow slide, as the hot climate of this beautiful country in Central America prevents them from enjoying snow fun. However, soon this rainbow slide will bring a different experience to the people of Honduras.


This rainbow slide is located in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, ThauRana Restaurante. 2m wide, 100m long, with 7 colors spliced together, a colorful, strong sense of visual impact, as a rainbow hanging in the green forest, can ease the visual and psychological fatigue. Sitting on the snow tube, sliding down, exciting and fun, mobilizing every cell of the body, so that people feel the wind's general speed and at the same time can appreciate the beauty of nature, I believe you will definitely scream to the end.

 colorful rainbow tubing slide.png

This rainbow slide with our JW601, because the slope of this hill is very large, so we recommend the use of friction is relatively large JW601, if you use other products, may fly up, not safe to play. If you also want to build a slide, it is best to tell us your slope, so that we can recommend the right product according to the size of the slope.

 summer dry slope.png

Although the workers and designers put in a lot of effort and made a lot of adjustments in this rainbow slide from site selection to design to the final test slide, in the end, it was very successful in achieving the expected results, and everyone was very satisfied. In the future, we hope that more dry tubing slides will appear all over the world to bring happiness to people, Rainbow Slide, you deserve it!

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