How To Build A Tubing Slope in Steel Structure

2024-06-27 Share

tubing slope in green artificial turf.jpg

The total length of the slide in this design is 60m: the departure platform is 3m long, the buffer zone is 20m long; the width is 20m; the height is 9.6m, and the height includes 1.2m guardrail. This program is aimed at the flat area in the tourist attractions, the foundation uses steel frame structure, equipped with 1 conveyor. The slide material model JW200 mushroom style, the color is bright green, the total area is about 1200㎡. The steel structure space under the departure platform can be designed as a temporary service room if required.

dry tubing slide.jpg

artificial turf tubing slope.jpg

tubby in green.jpg

dry ski slope.jpg

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