What Is The Difference Between Four Seasons Dry Ski Slope And Real Ski Slope?

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There are many types of ski slopes in snow parks, generally there are beginner slopes, intermediate slopes, advanced slopes and professional tracks. As a derivative of real snow, four-season dry slope also has a similar categorization, however, four-season dry slope is not as diversified as the natural terrain, and the main factor determining the grade of the slopes is the "average angle", and for slopes of the same grade, the average angle of four-season dry slope is greater than that of real snow slopes. The average angle of a four-season dry ski slope is greater than that of a real snow slope.


Dry ski materials are generally plastic products that are bonded or assembled to be laid, so the base ground must be level. The foundation of four-season dry ski slope is concrete foundation or steel frame structure foundation. Concrete should be flat, and to feed in place; steel frame structure foundation must be paved aluminum or galvanized steel.

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Angle is the most important part of the slope, the average angle of the beginner's slope of the dry slope is usually about 10°. Why is the average angle? Because the four seasons dry ski slope construction site is limited, the general distance is not as long as the real snow field, and the friction is also greater than the real snow, so the four seasons dry ski slope chute angle is generally segmented, the initial angle is large, and gradually become smaller, in order to achieve the effect of speed. For example, the angle of its slide gradually for 17 °, 13 °, 9 °, the length of 20m, 20m, 44m, and ultimately its average angle of 12 °. Variation angle is less than or equal to 5 °, do not set the articulation part of the rounded corners; greater than 5 °, the sense of change is too large, will cause discomfort to the skier, need to set the rounded corners.

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Four-season dry ski slope needs to be equipped with a lubrication system to reduce friction, Junway four-season dry ski slope using water as a lubricant, so the amount of water spray can also affect the speed of skiing, less water is slow, more water is fast. Properly operated, a primary slope can be used as an intermediate slope and vice versa.

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