Junway Dry Slope Material’s Performance Test

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There are a variety of ski materials on the market and customers have a lot of doubts about how to choose the right one. These materials range in price and quality. We can't test everyone else's products, but we have done some testing on our own. Although the quality of our ski materials have been recognized by the market and loved by our customers. But there are still some customers who do not understand our products, today we briefly introduce the following characteristics.


1. The flammability performance

We added flame retardant in the raw material, flame retardant is a kind of additive that can reduce the burning speed of material and smoke generation. When the material is ignited, the flame retardant will play a role in slowing down the burning speed of the material, controlling the spread of fire and reducing the damage caused by fire.

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2. The initial total heavy metals content analysis

Because many of our slides are played by children, we attach great importance to the environmental protection and safety of the materials. Through the heavy metal test results, we can see that our materials are toy-grade. There is no As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb, Sb, Se content. Moreover, our materials are recyclable, no harm to the environment, that is, safe and environmentally friendly.

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3. Temperature test

Many customers will ask if they need to remove the floor in winter when the temperature is very low, and whether it will be damaged because of the low temperature. Through our test results, we can see that there is no need to remove the floor in winter. We did tests at -10° and -50° without any quality problems. Actually, the temperature in our northern region is much lower than minus 10°, and there is no problem to play, it can be used in all seasons.

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4. UV resistance test

Customers often ask us whether our products are UV resistant, because the site is basically in the outdoors, the whole day wind and sun, so we added anti-aging agents, anti-UV anti-UV. test results show that our products anti-UV grade is Good, through the before and after photo comparison is no difference. Our products can last up to 8 years or more.

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With the above points, we hope you can have full confidence in the safety and quality of our dry slope materials. Our dry slopes are excellent in terms of durability, environmental safety, and easy maintenance, as well as easy installation. If you still want to know more about our materials, welcome to contact us.

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